CoD Black Ops 4 Mobile Review

If it weren’t so easy to ‘knock out” enemies and allies alike, that’d be dope. my biggest complaint so far is that i’ll go to talk so someone, and then pressing “E” makes me knock them out. And then I just sit there. wankin my donk to see if they come around again. -_-

Aside from that, it’s a great Call of Duty game. Somewhat similar to BO3 but MW2 was far superior *IMO*.

The combat isn’t quite what I was hoping for (as far as COD goes) but it is definitely fun.  The mobile version of the game is what I enjoy the most. It’s available to download on both android and ios. Here is the video so you can download it for free: black ops 4 apk

9/10 would recommend

8/10 game play – (in comparison to the others, specifically fighting)
9/10 graphics
4/10 Hunting experience – (if you lead your shot using the bow with the animals, it’s almost impossible to hit them – you have to use that dumb system where if you aim directly at a running animal, the arrow curves/auto-aim’s for you.. GRRRR).
7/10 Ship battles.
5/10 Dialogue – It’s a bit ridiculous sometimes, and feels like the fallout 4 dialogue system.
1/10 Anime Tiddies – there’s times where you can seduce who you’re talking to, but it goes to a black screen while you “do the deed”… lemme see dem jugs already fam.

All in all, if you like Black Ops 4, you’ll get in to this. The lore, the assassin/mercenary vibe, the general idea of roaming mythical Greece and it’s surrounding areas… It’s quite the experience.

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