Fortnite August 2018 Review

Which leads us to the defenses. Let’s say you stand on a field that was set on fire. The field itsself will deal a set ammount of damage to you each round. Said damage is blocked by your magical armor. Once the magical armor is depleted you suffer damage to your health as well as getting set on fire yourself which will result in two sources of damage on you. Both the physical and the magical armor also block a variety of status effects. Like physical armor shields you from getting knocked down or stunned while magical armor shields you from getting set on fire, silenced or going insane and therelike.
During your journey you’ll meet many enemys with lots of different combinations of these resistances which makes every fight a blast to play.

It’s important to keep in mind that fortnite is a free to play game…..

Summary: I have played almost all turn based – epic storyline RPGs that are out there. This is top of the crop! DOS:2 is simply put the gold standard for RPGs in our time. Although you can crossplay between xbox and pc lobbies on fortnite, you can’t cross play ps4 to xbox until now…. watch this youtube clip: how to play fortnite with xbox and playstation

Great: depth of characters, graphics (beautiful!), sound (ambient), gameplay, combat mechanics, character development possibilities, story line and its differentiation by character, replay ability, excellent and often funny NPC dialogues, well balanced and demanding fights, tactical options literally LIMITLESS – burn, freeze, electrocute or teleport your enemies in obliteration – you can freely choose how to develop your abilities to be either a specialist or a generalist with frightening versatility….I could go on, but you get my point, right?

Class wise the game has a “you want it you get it” policy. You want your Warrior to throw fireballs too? Put a point in pyromancy, teach him fireball, voila! The game basically only soft locks you in terms of what you can do since you need to put points into memory so your character can remember more skills on top of the fact that you usually need to put more points into something if you want it to cause more damage.

The story is interesting and keeps you engaged. While a lot of the things are voiced so you don’t have to spend a ton of time reading there still is a lot of context and story you can only really grasp if you read into them.

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