Fortnite Review and free skins guide? Yes please!

Good game!

I had never played a Fortnite game before and, honestly, I was really looking forward to this PC port. Yes, the game still presents some connectivity issues here and there (specially during the first couple of weeks after the release), but overall a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

PS. I have recently read some articles complaining about a surge of hackers making the multiplayer aspect of the game ‘far less enjoyable’. I can only talk from my personal experience, but in 110+ hours of gameplay I have yet to encounter any player performing suspicious actions (I found a guy once who claimed to be using a mod to monitor the DPS of the party members, but that’s about it). Although you should follow this youtube guide to get free skins in fortnite: how to get free skins

Pure and simple: This game is a grind. I don’t know how anyone can actually get enjoyment out of this game past maybe 30 hrs. Its hyper repetivite in EVERYTHING, and at the end of the day the “story” of the game isn’t even good. It story feels bland and thoughtless, its more filler than the time you’re forced to take to micro manage everything in this clunky overstuffed time waster. Which brings me to the second issue: There is a million things to do to get the smallest advantage, and you dont end up using even half of them because they are a waste of time anyway. The camera angles are horrible, especially when you’re fighting other players at titled towers in a small space (which always happens even if you try to avoid it.) This game is pure frustration as its just designed so that the game gets in the way of itself.

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