Is Dragon City worth Playing?

Gear & Variety

The game doesn’t lack in variety, there are hundreds of armor pieces + weapons that you can craft. The Weapon Upgrading system is one of the best I’ve seen in any game. If you upgrade your weapon to a far point in the tree using valuable resources and want to divert to a different path, you can downgrade your weapon and get every single material back, this will cost you in the Zenny which is the currency but that is a small price considering how valuable some resources get later on. Armors are less about defense stats and more about the skills, each armour piece has a skill in the game with a set number of levels and mix and matching armours are required here, you can also change your playstyle dependant on the skills that you choose. an example of this is combining the Quick Sheath skill with Weakness Exploit you can turn a Greatsword all up in your face combat style into a hit&run style which trust me, is alot more fun than it sounds. Well if you dont want to pay for the game, you simply get free gems… just follow this youtube guide:  Dragon City Hack & Cheats – How to get FREE Gems on iOS and Android!

The depth of the game is incredible, more than just the complexity of mastering is weapon. There are a few mechanics that the game does not tell you about and while this is a 50/50 pro-con it feels more old-school when you discover a mechanic that can help you, some other mechanics REQUIRE you to search online especially when it comes to buff stacking.

Is This Game For You?

People are often turned off when hearing you have to kill the same monster over and over again to get the set / weapon that you want and while this does sound repetitive, the combination of the satisfying combat and the monsters feeling like they’re living in the world not because of you makes the gameplay very dynamic.

To keep it nice and short:
Do you like huge fantasy monsters?
Do you like a massive range of weaponry?
Do you like games where skill > gear?
Do you like a combat system with depth?
Do you like food porn?

If you answered yes to 4/5 of these, this is a must buy. If not it’s still a must buy, just wait for the sale.

NOTE: If you plan to play online with friends you will probably of heard by now the massive amount of connection issues and disconnections, Capcom have put out a patch recently which is said to fix this issue, I can not confirm or deny but I’ll take their word for it.

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