Assassins Creed Odyssey – My Thoughts!

I will keep this short, because I’d rather be playing this game.

If you’ve ever played Assassins Creed and enjoyed it: this game is for you. If you’re into the Open World/Fighting type of games: this is also for you.

While there are a considerable amount of bugs (show me a game that doesn’t have a few anymore at launch??) the Dev’s are posting a patch nearly every day. Huge commitment that I hope continues.

This game is literally one of the most profound accomplishments in the genre to date. Incredible levels of detail, excellent writing and super fun gameplay make me coming back for fun. I’m loving the game so far. With all of the various levels of difficulty you can choose from I don’t really register the complaints on it’s difficulty. Oh and you can get it for free:  Assassins Creed Odyssey free code

There is so many great things to talk about here, but I’m done writing. It’s patched. It’s worth it.

If you love Assasssins Creed Series: it’s a necessity. Oh and the questlog is garbage and you never know exactly what you need to do to progress the story. Just run around aimlessly until you do what the game wants you to do.

Smallfoot 2018 Review

This is the only movie I’ve ever taken the time to review. I don’t know where to start. Smallfoot has the most beautiful music, the amazing environment, the masterfully created story and the great combat system were al aspects of this movie where I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. This story was the first thing that made me shed tears in a very long time and I really hope others enjoy it as well. As for the DLC, it’s best if you play it if you’ve never played the movie before. It’s helpful early on but, not later on and it does not contribute to the story as well. I bought it when it first came out I definitely feel it was definitely worth the price. If you buy this movie, take your time and explore the environment and learn about the world. I truly hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. You are probably wondering how I actually got to review smallfoot early. Well this youtube channel showed me how to it online for free here: How to watch Smallfoot online for FREE

Thankfully they open up fast travel, but it is unlocked further in the movie than it needs to be. I think this movie would have benefitted from having a concentrated main story path, with far less time spent traveling to and from locations.

Overall these two things were why I personally did not like the movie. If you are interesting in a cool storyline and don’t care about movieplay, you’ll probably like this movie. But as someone who values movieplay over anything else, I cannot recommend this movie.

Spotify in Review – The Ultimate Guide

After holding back for some time (having used Spotify for ~230 hours so far), waiting for patches to roll out and seeing what issues they fix (hoping that this will increase the ratings of the game in my eyes), I decided that it is high time that I write a review for this audio app.

I am taking into consideration that this game is Early Access; however I am writing this review as I see the state in which the game is currently.

Memory issues – Sometimes there are FPS spikes when using the app.The are momentary freezes when changing songs which is quite annoying.

Various visibility bugs – As of the recent patch, a lot of this has been fixed or at least improved. These bugs are surely due to the current 3PP revolutionary account upgrade (premium), which renders characters in 3PP only when they are visible in LOS (Line Of Sight) in FPP (which prevents 3PP peeking). However there are still problems in the current build:

There are server resets once in a while, from what I know to clear current memory residue too. Although you can use Spotify for free, you get bombarded with ads. That is why you need to use a free spotify premiumer upgrader website. This guys youtube channel has an awesome tutorial on do it for free! Highly recommend watching the video here: FREE Spotify Premium Download – How to get FREE Spotify Premium 🔥 iOS/Android Working 2018

Fortnite ps3 guide

Fortnite is what I want for DayZ, and I mean entirely. Awesome graphic and okay optimization (1080ti sometimes with a lot of trees and montain would only reach about 20 fps in 2k). Loading the city when apporaching is stiff, sadly is inevitable I knew. Aiming and Leaning mech needs improvement. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!!! Kar 98k and Hunter 55 cannot be mounting scope trail that makes both two rifles actually useless rt. Fixing this fast!!!!!!! Thumbs up for wasting 8.5 hours for my life!

Great game idea and can be fun once you’ve learn the basics. However, there needs to be a way to detect hackers in multplayer servers. I just randomly got killed by a player and I was all alone in a bunker on the edge of the map. Spending all this time running around trying to find good loot just to be killed by some looser hacker.


Fortnite PS3 still in early stages but still very fun to play nice big map and already fun to find things and survive.. Get your self the rite team and you will survive!! Great game and definitely recommend it to the rest. If you need help downloading and playing fortnite on your ps3 console check this video out: fortnite on ps3

The Fortnite Skull trooper skin unlocked!

I’m astounded by the overwhelming support of this Fortnite game from people.
However my views may be biased due to the fact I’m not familiar with the franchise. I bought this game because of the reviews and a large consensus of those reviews revolved around how this was likely the best RPG in existance. Whether or not that idea holds up under scrutiny is not relevant to me. I say this because this game just isn’t for me. I enjoy challenging games. I played XCom 1 and 2 on hard difficulties and felt it was a rewarding experience! Though, this game suffers from the same concept ELEX did for me. The difficulty doesn’t make sense and there is nothing to guide your way through how the game is supposed to be played. The thing is, if you play on Tactician (I highly don’t reccomend this if you’re new like me) the difficulty is utterly rediculous. It has nothing to do with skill either, in my experience it came down to RNG almost every single instance. This RNG promotes the use of save scumming which I just find tedious. You had to approach each instance multiple times to try and read patterns and enemy placement just to get through the fight! The game doesn’t provide you the resources to go toe to toe with any enemy in Fort Joy so you end up getting 1-3 shotted and yes, 3 shots can occur in the same turn if the enemy is ranged or close enough so that ends up equating to a 1 shot. And like the frog fight with those poison clouds the game doesn’t provide you with enough gear to raise your magical armor so you stand a chance. The crazy thing here is I’ve gone through 4 different new games trying to figure out the best party configuration so that I would stand a chance and it just never happens. Oh and make sure you unlock the amazing skins on fortnite: skull trooper

Just like ELEX this game doesn’t deserve a negative rating and is why I wish Steam had a neutral setting because I can see the bare bones of this game are well founded. The issue is with difficulty scaling. Maybe if I just made a Classic game I would find more fulfillment and enjoyment here but I can’t rationalize how easy Classsic will be.  I just hope that the developer adds another difficulty level instead of rebalancing Tactician because there are people out there that are more than capable of breezing through Tactician since they have a better grasp of the game.

However after 14 hours of playtime I have yet to leave Fortnite Joy. I had the option to leave as I made it to the boat but hadn’t dealt with Alexander yet and I very much am a completetionist which is what makes this game so frustrating! If I could give one great idea to the developers to fix this issue; instead of a new difficulty, provide players with the ability to kill enemies for gear, XP and gold! If I could grind a couple of levels there at Fort Joy this game would be much more manageable! But this game feels so linear it’s disgusting!

I hope this review will help someone else make the decision on whether to play a harder difficulty or not since I bought this game with no idea the difficulty scaling was abhorrent. I won’t give a negative review because the game doesn’t deserve it! It just wasn’t for me. Everyone has a different experience and most people like the game so I won’t rain on their parade, I just wish I had read a review like this before I purchased fortnite.

Fortnite Review and free skins guide? Yes please!

Good game!

I had never played a Fortnite game before and, honestly, I was really looking forward to this PC port. Yes, the game still presents some connectivity issues here and there (specially during the first couple of weeks after the release), but overall a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

PS. I have recently read some articles complaining about a surge of hackers making the multiplayer aspect of the game ‘far less enjoyable’. I can only talk from my personal experience, but in 110+ hours of gameplay I have yet to encounter any player performing suspicious actions (I found a guy once who claimed to be using a mod to monitor the DPS of the party members, but that’s about it). Although you should follow this youtube guide to get free skins in fortnite: how to get free skins

Pure and simple: This game is a grind. I don’t know how anyone can actually get enjoyment out of this game past maybe 30 hrs. Its hyper repetivite in EVERYTHING, and at the end of the day the “story” of the game isn’t even good. It story feels bland and thoughtless, its more filler than the time you’re forced to take to micro manage everything in this clunky overstuffed time waster. Which brings me to the second issue: There is a million things to do to get the smallest advantage, and you dont end up using even half of them because they are a waste of time anyway. The camera angles are horrible, especially when you’re fighting other players at titled towers in a small space (which always happens even if you try to avoid it.) This game is pure frustration as its just designed so that the game gets in the way of itself.

How to get yourself free fortnite skins!

It’s a really good game, Fortnite, and on my second play around with the definitive edition I’m enjoying it even more then the first time I played it. Good graphics, combat, music is AMAZING, graphics are amazing, just all round enjoyable. Now you can also get the new rare skins for free: here: Female galaxy skin free

The best RPG I ever played! At first, I was not sure if I would like the turn base combat, but the battle effects and maps keep you engaged in the action. Beautiful world, with the true freedom to do almost anything, and yes you can kill every MPC. I am excited to see what this studio will make next.

Personally I don’t like this kind of games and never heard of Epic Games but this game is just awesome even despite my taste. Either solo or with friends it’s super fun. Character custimizations and skills are decent. Game allows you to change your character mid-game if you are not happy with your current build. Game is pretty long and have a lot of replayability which is more awesome. Hard to find long-lasting games these days. They tottally deserve the full price

Is Dragon City worth Playing?

Gear & Variety

The game doesn’t lack in variety, there are hundreds of armor pieces + weapons that you can craft. The Weapon Upgrading system is one of the best I’ve seen in any game. If you upgrade your weapon to a far point in the tree using valuable resources and want to divert to a different path, you can downgrade your weapon and get every single material back, this will cost you in the Zenny which is the currency but that is a small price considering how valuable some resources get later on. Armors are less about defense stats and more about the skills, each armour piece has a skill in the game with a set number of levels and mix and matching armours are required here, you can also change your playstyle dependant on the skills that you choose. an example of this is combining the Quick Sheath skill with Weakness Exploit you can turn a Greatsword all up in your face combat style into a hit&run style which trust me, is alot more fun than it sounds. Well if you dont want to pay for the game, you simply get free gems… just follow this youtube guide:  Dragon City Hack & Cheats – How to get FREE Gems on iOS and Android!

The depth of the game is incredible, more than just the complexity of mastering is weapon. There are a few mechanics that the game does not tell you about and while this is a 50/50 pro-con it feels more old-school when you discover a mechanic that can help you, some other mechanics REQUIRE you to search online especially when it comes to buff stacking.

Is This Game For You?

People are often turned off when hearing you have to kill the same monster over and over again to get the set / weapon that you want and while this does sound repetitive, the combination of the satisfying combat and the monsters feeling like they’re living in the world not because of you makes the gameplay very dynamic.

To keep it nice and short:
Do you like huge fantasy monsters?
Do you like a massive range of weaponry?
Do you like games where skill > gear?
Do you like a combat system with depth?
Do you like food porn?

If you answered yes to 4/5 of these, this is a must buy. If not it’s still a must buy, just wait for the sale.

NOTE: If you plan to play online with friends you will probably of heard by now the massive amount of connection issues and disconnections, Capcom have put out a patch recently which is said to fix this issue, I can not confirm or deny but I’ll take their word for it.

Fortnite August 2018 Review

Which leads us to the defenses. Let’s say you stand on a field that was set on fire. The field itsself will deal a set ammount of damage to you each round. Said damage is blocked by your magical armor. Once the magical armor is depleted you suffer damage to your health as well as getting set on fire yourself which will result in two sources of damage on you. Both the physical and the magical armor also block a variety of status effects. Like physical armor shields you from getting knocked down or stunned while magical armor shields you from getting set on fire, silenced or going insane and therelike.
During your journey you’ll meet many enemys with lots of different combinations of these resistances which makes every fight a blast to play.

It’s important to keep in mind that fortnite is a free to play game…..

Summary: I have played almost all turn based – epic storyline RPGs that are out there. This is top of the crop! DOS:2 is simply put the gold standard for RPGs in our time. Although you can crossplay between xbox and pc lobbies on fortnite, you can’t cross play ps4 to xbox until now…. watch this youtube clip: how to play fortnite with xbox and playstation

Great: depth of characters, graphics (beautiful!), sound (ambient), gameplay, combat mechanics, character development possibilities, story line and its differentiation by character, replay ability, excellent and often funny NPC dialogues, well balanced and demanding fights, tactical options literally LIMITLESS – burn, freeze, electrocute or teleport your enemies in obliteration – you can freely choose how to develop your abilities to be either a specialist or a generalist with frightening versatility….I could go on, but you get my point, right?

Class wise the game has a “you want it you get it” policy. You want your Warrior to throw fireballs too? Put a point in pyromancy, teach him fireball, voila! The game basically only soft locks you in terms of what you can do since you need to put points into memory so your character can remember more skills on top of the fact that you usually need to put more points into something if you want it to cause more damage.

The story is interesting and keeps you engaged. While a lot of the things are voiced so you don’t have to spend a ton of time reading there still is a lot of context and story you can only really grasp if you read into them.

The Ultimate BO4 Beta Invite Guide!

So, I read all the reviews and there were an awful lot of negative ones but i bought the game anyways. I dont have a system (PC) that actually lives up to the minimum requirements but i went ahead and installed it anyway and the game works, although its a bit laggy especially in the VATS department and has gotten me killed quite a few times, but its playable on minimum settings.
Ive got over 200 hours in now with a level 50 playthrough and am currently on a 45 character and I have yet to truely find a negative aspect of the game that I really didnt like. The graphics are amazing, the storyline, although kind of short, is good, interation with NPC’s is great compared to older Call of Duty’s, the weapons and armor systems are good, I could go on and on, BUT…
The things I dont like much, (Kinni dislikes that), are…..
The companions and NPC’s get in the way a little too often and it can be difficult to get around them. Anyone whos played skyrim knows what Im talking about. Also they tend to completely ruin sneak attacks by just running out into the middle of a batch of raiders or whatever, but thats not necessarily a big deal. I would recommend watching this youtube video to get your own black ops 4 beta invite: How to get Black Ops 4 Beta Key Code FREE 🤑 [PC / PS4 / XBOX]

The perk system is alright but with a little thought, one can make a pretty OP level 3 character, BUT just crank up the difficulty and it makes things more even, so no problem there.
The new crafting system, beyond what you can do later in the game (no spoilers here), settlements are pretty damn useless.
The BO4 choices you get to join, well, are all jerks or short-sighted or just plain dumb. But it makes for interesting personal choices.
Oh, you get power armor at level 2? I mean WTHeck. I didnt bother with it except for a radiation shield for a little bit.
All in all I give this game a 9 out of 10. Recommended.