SimCity App Guide

Don’t let my hours fool you. I mostly play offline and have logged over 1.5k hours on this game. It is by far one of the most in depth games I’ve played in years. This game is one of the rare exceptions where random generation creates deep and individual story telling. Piled on with the wonderful modding community, this game is definitely worth its weight in money.

Puts a couple friends in a Sim City Build it game
First year one friend gets brain damage from a bullet wound, then dies from a disease (which only reached 80%)
Year 3 another friend gets shot in the spine, can no longer walk and begs to be put down, ends up getting euthanized
Year 6 we finally learned how to make OP weapons and armor, now we are gods and destroy every enemy that raids us

Put your friends in Sim City games and watch them die horrible deaths or have them live long enough to become brutal killing machines. Easily the best Sandbox game i’ve played. With this modding community the game is second only to bethesda games. Now if you the game is Pay 2 Win, you will need free some free cheats to have fun, I found a youtube video here:  Sim City BuildIt free simcash and simoleons

Definitely playing this more now that it’s released

iOS 12.1 Released Today

IPhone OS 12.1 landed brought some important new features and major changes, the iPhone OS (12) is the first major upgrade to Apple. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem … If Apple’s iPhone, the iPad and iPhone users had to upgrade to 12.1 O, it is easy to hack a phone with a simple phone call. And worried thread, and anyone can do. Security default screen lock someone only in all last contact face ID or Touch ID can dive to get your on your iPhone. Security researcher demonstrated by José Rodríguez (video below), a person can connect iPhone to be named, and the other on the iPhone, the phone FaceTime video calls and press Options, add the iPhone destination, people. ‘This is a 3D -Touch, all data are indicated on the device in contact with all the list of contacts, such as your phone number, email address, revelation appears. It may not be models of high price of the iPhone as the ironic most affected curl enough and iPhone XR, iPhone 6, iPhone SE or later have a 3D touch that works for iOS and the other version of the defect is unique iPhone or 12.1. But the biggest concern is the easiest way is to cut.

We took a couple of hours of exposure, and not only for the moment. Rodriguez is a simple found on the iPhone lock screen ignore OS 12.0.1 (link) all iPhone OS iPhone OS release 12 12 (1.2) in two different today iPhone hacked by the previous OS 12.1, much less. Here is also how you jailbreak the new OS: iOS 12.1 Jailbreak

Blizzard Drops the New Diablo Mobile Game

Blizzard the monster of all gaming companies today released their new Mobile game. They will be taking the down the big baddies of the mobile industry (Clash Royale ect…) Anyways here is our review of Diablo Immortal

My first Diablo game, and it has me wanting to explore the rest of the series. The combat is super fun, and with 14 different weapon types, there’s a pretty diverse spectrum of playstyles. If you’re going for top tier/META, it will get grindy…that’s any massive RPG (see also: Warframe, Destiny 1/2, and any MMORPG). But, you seriously don’t have to be MLG to enjoy this. Visually, it’s an absolute gem. The SOS Flare mechanic (drop-in multiplayer) is nice for scratching the instant-action itch. Here is how we got early access to Diablo Immortal:

I think many of the negative reviews on the game hit on technical issues. There were some issues at launch, but we’re almost 3 months in (at the time of this review), and those issues are largely gone. I think they may stem from a misunderstanding…if you take too long to choose an SOS Flare to respond to, you’ll get an error (unable to join mission)…because the group filled up before you committed to the mission.

Speaking strictly from the perspective of a Diablo newb, if you like anime you’ll dig the story and setting here. If you enjoyed the playstyle of the Fable series, Kingdoms of Amalur, or other such 3rd person RPG’s, you’ll enjoy this. Also, your companion is an anthropomorphized cat, who you can dress up in different armors & weapons. You shouldn’t need any further description.

RDR2 Review

I’m almost done with the game. At 70% and almost without side quests.
Here is my short verdict about that game.
At first I need to tell that this game is still badly optimized after more than a month
which I find very poor and makes the game definitely less enjoyable!

– Graphics (many new effects and crystal clear textures)
– Many new functions and features which bring even more variety compared to RotTR
– Interesting riddles inside of the new tombs
– Now even with native DS4 support which is a very nice feature and you get the game for free: Red dead redemption 2 free xbox ps4

– Many performance problems on certain spots which are still not fixed completely by now!(also with DX12)
– Many, many long dialogues which are very, very boring (It’s not the right game for that!)
– So many senseless killing which is ridiculous (Shadow of John Rambo’s daughter would fit also)
– Lara could meanwhile outperform DCs Wonder Woman easily (Not very logical)
– Like in other reviews mentioned Laras lethal acting doesn’t make much sense (No details about Trinity)
– The collecting of items is totally overdone and breaks the game flow quite a bit

Zombies on Black Ops 4 Android and iOS

Gameplay – 9.5/10 The destructive enviornments and unique operators (and their interactions) make this one of the most enjoyable online experiences. Every single gunfight, objective, map and match will play differently, making it an addictive loop of try, try and try again. Sometimes the game can have hit-reg inconsistencies and the occasional bug, but these by no means ‘plague’ the game.

Sound – 9/10 Core to the gameplay and very solid the vast majority of times. Sometimes sound can diffuse weirdly, especially during vertical play, however this experienced players will be able to adjust to this overtime.

Graphics – 8/10 Not essential to the BO4. Can be blasted to the max for great details and effects, but would recommend the bare minimum for best performance.

Map Design – 8/10 In general the map design is very solid and makes use of the gameplay mechanics well. However it can be argued that the ranked pool is limited in depth and some objectives are near 100% pick rates. The casual pool is fairly unbalanced for the most part, but may receive reworks in the future.

DLC Model – Operators added into Black Ops 4 for free (after 1 week of exclusivity to season pass holders). Maps are added free for all at the beginning of a new season (inclu. map reworks). Oh and you get zombies on your mobile here:

Community 7/10 – For the most part the community is great. I have met many great people and continue to play with them regularly. Solo queuing can be challenging, like most online games.

CoD Black Ops 4 Mobile Review

If it weren’t so easy to ‘knock out” enemies and allies alike, that’d be dope. my biggest complaint so far is that i’ll go to talk so someone, and then pressing “E” makes me knock them out. And then I just sit there. wankin my donk to see if they come around again. -_-

Aside from that, it’s a great Call of Duty game. Somewhat similar to BO3 but MW2 was far superior *IMO*.

The combat isn’t quite what I was hoping for (as far as COD goes) but it is definitely fun.  The mobile version of the game is what I enjoy the most. It’s available to download on both android and ios. Here is the video so you can download it for free: black ops 4 apk

9/10 would recommend

8/10 game play – (in comparison to the others, specifically fighting)
9/10 graphics
4/10 Hunting experience – (if you lead your shot using the bow with the animals, it’s almost impossible to hit them – you have to use that dumb system where if you aim directly at a running animal, the arrow curves/auto-aim’s for you.. GRRRR).
7/10 Ship battles.
5/10 Dialogue – It’s a bit ridiculous sometimes, and feels like the fallout 4 dialogue system.
1/10 Anime Tiddies – there’s times where you can seduce who you’re talking to, but it goes to a black screen while you “do the deed”… lemme see dem jugs already fam.

All in all, if you like Black Ops 4, you’ll get in to this. The lore, the assassin/mercenary vibe, the general idea of roaming mythical Greece and it’s surrounding areas… It’s quite the experience.

Assassins Creed Odyssey – My Thoughts!

I will keep this short, because I’d rather be playing this game.

If you’ve ever played Assassins Creed and enjoyed it: this game is for you. If you’re into the Open World/Fighting type of games: this is also for you.

While there are a considerable amount of bugs (show me a game that doesn’t have a few anymore at launch??) the Dev’s are posting a patch nearly every day. Huge commitment that I hope continues.

This game is literally one of the most profound accomplishments in the genre to date. Incredible levels of detail, excellent writing and super fun gameplay make me coming back for fun. I’m loving the game so far. With all of the various levels of difficulty you can choose from I don’t really register the complaints on it’s difficulty. Oh and you can get it for free:  Assassins Creed Odyssey free code

There is so many great things to talk about here, but I’m done writing. It’s patched. It’s worth it.

If you love Assasssins Creed Series: it’s a necessity. Oh and the questlog is garbage and you never know exactly what you need to do to progress the story. Just run around aimlessly until you do what the game wants you to do.