Fortnite August 2018 Review

Which leads us to the defenses. Let’s say you stand on a field that was set on fire. The field itsself will deal a set ammount of damage to you each round. Said damage is blocked by your magical armor. Once the magical armor is depleted you suffer damage to your health as well as getting set on fire yourself which will result in two sources of damage on you. Both the physical and the magical armor also block a variety of status effects. Like physical armor shields you from getting knocked down or stunned while magical armor shields you from getting set on fire, silenced or going insane and therelike.
During your journey you’ll meet many enemys with lots of different combinations of these resistances which makes every fight a blast to play.

It’s important to keep in mind that fortnite is a free to play game…..

Summary: I have played almost all turn based – epic storyline RPGs that are out there. This is top of the crop! DOS:2 is simply put the gold standard for RPGs in our time. Although you can crossplay between xbox and pc lobbies on fortnite, you can’t cross play ps4 to xbox until now…. watch this youtube clip: how to play fortnite with xbox and playstation

Great: depth of characters, graphics (beautiful!), sound (ambient), gameplay, combat mechanics, character development possibilities, story line and its differentiation by character, replay ability, excellent and often funny NPC dialogues, well balanced and demanding fights, tactical options literally LIMITLESS – burn, freeze, electrocute or teleport your enemies in obliteration – you can freely choose how to develop your abilities to be either a specialist or a generalist with frightening versatility….I could go on, but you get my point, right?

Class wise the game has a “you want it you get it” policy. You want your Warrior to throw fireballs too? Put a point in pyromancy, teach him fireball, voila! The game basically only soft locks you in terms of what you can do since you need to put points into memory so your character can remember more skills on top of the fact that you usually need to put more points into something if you want it to cause more damage.

The story is interesting and keeps you engaged. While a lot of the things are voiced so you don’t have to spend a ton of time reading there still is a lot of context and story you can only really grasp if you read into them.

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So, I read all the reviews and there were an awful lot of negative ones but i bought the game anyways. I dont have a system (PC) that actually lives up to the minimum requirements but i went ahead and installed it anyway and the game works, although its a bit laggy especially in the VATS department and has gotten me killed quite a few times, but its playable on minimum settings.
Ive got over 200 hours in now with a level 50 playthrough and am currently on a 45 character and I have yet to truely find a negative aspect of the game that I really didnt like. The graphics are amazing, the storyline, although kind of short, is good, interation with NPC’s is great compared to older Call of Duty’s, the weapons and armor systems are good, I could go on and on, BUT…
The things I dont like much, (Kinni dislikes that), are…..
The companions and NPC’s get in the way a little too often and it can be difficult to get around them. Anyone whos played skyrim knows what Im talking about. Also they tend to completely ruin sneak attacks by just running out into the middle of a batch of raiders or whatever, but thats not necessarily a big deal. I would recommend watching this youtube video to get your own black ops 4 beta invite: How to get Black Ops 4 Beta Key Code FREE 🤑 [PC / PS4 / XBOX]

The perk system is alright but with a little thought, one can make a pretty OP level 3 character, BUT just crank up the difficulty and it makes things more even, so no problem there.
The new crafting system, beyond what you can do later in the game (no spoilers here), settlements are pretty damn useless.
The BO4 choices you get to join, well, are all jerks or short-sighted or just plain dumb. But it makes for interesting personal choices.
Oh, you get power armor at level 2? I mean WTHeck. I didnt bother with it except for a radiation shield for a little bit.
All in all I give this game a 9 out of 10. Recommended.

This game is awesome but you need ps plus

I really enjoy this game but there’s a lot that should be added in the future. I’d really enjoy lawnwork/landscaping to be added, plus more options to choose from. From colors of paints to furniture to types of houses. It’d be neat to be able to add plumbing so you can have that extra bathroom everyone keeps complaining about and more decor items would be nice too. I saw in someone else’s comment an option to being able to build a house to sell, I really like that idea too. Plus workshop mods would breathe so much life into this game. I love the concept of this game, it’s so relaxing and nice, its a nice relief after a long day of work. I’m looking forward to future updates, please keep em coming! c:

The game is a lot of fun but you need to enjoy getting a little creative. Just following the game objectives will get repetitive and boring quickly. If you alternate between taking on contracts and getting creative with your own houses, it’ll keep you entertained for a good long time.  Although you will need ps plus membership to play it, you can get it here: How to get FREE PS PLUS 🤑FREE PLAYSTATION PLUS!

House Flipper isn’t so much focused on taking your own business somewhere but more on the actual work getting done itself. If you enjoy building and decorating on games like The Sims, you’ll love this. Only here you’ll have to do a little more. Just putting a shower in a room won’t do, you’ll have to install it, too.

However, the game also comes with a few annoying errors that I’m not sure can even be considered bugs. When you fix up a house and put it up for auction, the buyers’ comments make no sense at all and seem to be completely unrelated to the property you’re selling. The first few houses are tiny one bedroom places, yet the buyers randomly complain about or praise the (non-existent) second bedroom or bathroom. Also, some of the houses look different on the outside but have the exact same layout on the inside. Which you can change, of course, but still.

Anyway, I haven’t encountered any bugs that truly affect the gameplay or even make it unplayable. It would be nice to find a greater variety of items in the shop eventually, especially bathroom and kitchen stuff, but I’m confident that’s something we’ll see eventually.

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This game, as was it’s previous incarnations, is an absolute joy to play. I love the depth and immersion as well as all the available mods to tweak it the way you want it. I’m a little tired of the human/alien dynamic though and felt that the expansion packs just got weirder, but perhaps that’s just how the story goes. Guys, i’ll just link the tutorial and watch the god damn video: free fortnite skins

What I would really like to see, and this is off in a different direction, is a Marvel Agents of Shield featuring some Marvel superheroes too. That would really be cool.

What I liked: 

  • The amount of improvements over the first game
  • Progression of tech and difficulty
  • That squad menu music

What You Need to Know: 

I usually don’t like sequels as they rarely improve or change the game for me to even care. This game is how you make a sequel. Improve and change the game that is worthy of buying and also familiar so you feel right at home. Sadly that effort was not put into fixing all the bugs this game has. Also I never played the expansion for Enemy Unknown. So I’ll be comparing only the base game.

The game has the same core mechanic of Fortnite with a huge redesign of the classes that is for the better. You have mini-gunners with grenade launchers, shotgunners with melee that can go stealth (more on that later). My favorite redesign is the specialist which can go heavy on the heals and/or deal with robots with the little buddy they have with them. They can hack anything mechanical to stun or take them over. They use the assault rifle. The sniper is kind of the same but with some amazing new perks that I won’t spoil. Psi class is actually amazing now with a lot of useful powers now. The DLC sparks are boring. I rarely used the one from the mission, so it’s not worth buying that DLC.

  • The other big change I love is the concealment feature. Most missions you start in stealth which allows you to not alert when you spot an enemy in view, gain critical bonus and plan when and where you want to attack. Some perks and upgrades allow you to re-enter and get the benefit again.
  • The maps are no longer all the same like the original. I never once saw the same map. Procedural maps were the way to go. I didn’t know this until someone told me. Great job whoever did the maps. The mission timers were never an issue, so anyone that complains just wants to do the same boring tactics and don’t want to have that pressure to force you to pull some epic wins. Also the maps felt more alive with humans in some just hanging out and then running when the action happened
  • The only returning enemies are the sectoids and mutons with the rest being new enemies. I’ll say that what they added beyond the humanoid enemies is amazing. You have so much variety in how they will try to kill you. The challenge of these enemies always feels hard throughout the whole Fortnite experience until you get your squad maxed out.
  • They added an armor system that blocks that amount of damage of said armor amount. You also some armor points but only really at the end. With this new addition it changes how you deal with those heavy armor units, mostly mechanical enemies. You have abilities, perks and gadgets to help deal with this new change to the combat.
  • The tiers for weapons and armor are universal now, which is cheaper but also less tedious than buying each one and swapping it among soldiers. You craft special armor, gadgets and ammo types. No more jetpack suit though. The new special suits are still great. You can use loot picked up or bought to add very useful stats like more ammo, free reloads, more critical chance, better aim and more that further allow customization.
  • Speaking of customization, the visual customization for me this was kind of cool and also dumb. I didn’t really touch this as I was too lazy to customize everything on most of my soldiers. The variety I got with the defaults was great enough and had some dope looking people. I love having more armor variety so my squad doesn’t look all the same. Basically you don’t need the extra DLC for the customization unless you really love doing it. You get enough variety and you have mods.

Gardenscapes is one of the best games for mobile!

Never played a Gardenscapes game before.
I only played for 2 hours right now and I can assure you, that this is an awesome game.
Even though this game has a few, really minor flaws, the setting, story telling, dialogues, voice acting is of an incredible quality.
But the fun! It is SO FUN! I haven’t even gone into many of the mini games and I’m already hooked! Karaoke singing? Dancing? Brawling with punks in the street?


Long time I didn’t have as much fun with a game. And the fact that this game is set in the 80’s in japan, brings a lot of my childhood memories playing japanese games on the PS1… or just use some of these cheats i found on youtube: gardenscapes cheat

One of the most interesting premises i’ve ever played. I’m suprised to never had played the series despite multiple opportunities. The port is pretty good despite some minor fixes that need to be done client-side depending on your configuration, but it’s worth every cent and even more for this game.

A must have for the PS4 and a must have for PC.\

I’ve played the game a lot on PS4 so this will be more of a review of the port but I’ll start with the obvious – it’s a fantastic game and there’s so much to love about it. I’m so happy the series has finally made its debut on to PC and I look forward to playing the rest of the series more/more people having access to a wonderful unique series of games.

Big pro for PC is how smooth the saving is – the first few times I saved the game I had to redo it several times because I wasn’t sure it had saved, being so used to multiple load/save screens for PS4! Huge time saver and incredibly convenient. God bless you, PC. One substory that used to require typing has had the typing edited out too, so that’s a bonus.

Few minor bugs and issues – not sure if they’re on my end or on the game’s end. I know the audio mixing isn’t 100% and there’s a few minor errors, also whenever I launch any of the arcade games (i.e. Out Run or Space Harrier) it resets the audio levels to default for…some reason. That one could be specific to me though. Aside from that, nothing glaring. Inputs feel a little differently paced to PS4 but that’s probably just lag compared to no lag and having to adjust!

Thankfully the audio bugs are barely noticable to new players and nothing immersion shattering so all in all it’s a pretty good port and an even better price. Please buy this game. Please show Sega that Gardenscapes is loved in the West!

Jurassic World The Game for iOs and Android Review

Interesting. I’m kinda surprised by how good Jurassic World is currently at.

The game was started out as but in an infantile product being advertised as a mature 60$ game and got many backlashes as it deserved to be. I was lucky I didn’t board the hype train and could care less about a thing or two about this game at its previous state. But the devs didn’t just abandon the game, while as much as people would criticise on the “launch now, fix later” approach the developers are perseverance enough to keep releasing not one but several megapatches to address their mistakes and I have to give them credits for that.

Although they didn’t really apologise for their mistakes, I prefer actions over words. Though, the studio might owe an apology towards the previously frustrated ones, but I don’t really care much about that since I didn’t succumb into the false advertisements. Today, Jurassic World fulfills most if not all features as advertised, redempted their original stance and is an extremely fun game for me to begin with. I’d hope to see more content patches in the future as well. Well the best way to get free stuff in the game is use either hacks or cheats that you can use here: jurassic world the game hack

In short, if you haven’t played Jurassic World the game before but you’re planning to buy the game now, consider buying it now and forget about most reviews during launch.

I’m a preson that enjoys space, planets, and this stuff. When this game first came out I freaking loved it! I even pre-ordered it. (i never pre-order games) But turns out the game was actually bad.

I never thought I would buy this game based on all the bad things I had heard about it at release but here I am. It’s not perfect and there are still a fair ammount of bugs but I have had a ton of fun so far.