RDR2 Review

I’m almost done with the game. At 70% and almost without side quests.
Here is my short verdict about that game.
At first I need to tell that this game is still badly optimized after more than a month
which I find very poor and makes the game definitely less enjoyable!

– Graphics (many new effects and crystal clear textures)
– Many new functions and features which bring even more variety compared to RotTR
– Interesting riddles inside of the new tombs
– Now even with native DS4 support which is a very nice feature and you get the game for free: Red dead redemption 2 free xbox ps4

– Many performance problems on certain spots which are still not fixed completely by now!(also with DX12)
– Many, many long dialogues which are very, very boring (It’s not the right game for that!)
– So many senseless killing which is ridiculous (Shadow of John Rambo’s daughter would fit also)
– Lara could meanwhile outperform DCs Wonder Woman easily (Not very logical)
– Like in other reviews mentioned Laras lethal acting doesn’t make much sense (No details about Trinity)
– The collecting of items is totally overdone and breaks the game flow quite a bit

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