The Fortnite Skull trooper skin unlocked!

I’m astounded by the overwhelming support of this Fortnite game from people.
However my views may be biased due to the fact I’m not familiar with the franchise. I bought this game because of the reviews and a large consensus of those reviews revolved around how this was likely the best RPG in existance. Whether or not that idea holds up under scrutiny is not relevant to me. I say this because this game just isn’t for me. I enjoy challenging games. I played XCom 1 and 2 on hard difficulties and felt it was a rewarding experience! Though, this game suffers from the same concept ELEX did for me. The difficulty doesn’t make sense and there is nothing to guide your way through how the game is supposed to be played. The thing is, if you play on Tactician (I highly don’t reccomend this if you’re new like me) the difficulty is utterly rediculous. It has nothing to do with skill either, in my experience it came down to RNG almost every single instance. This RNG promotes the use of save scumming which I just find tedious. You had to approach each instance multiple times to try and read patterns and enemy placement just to get through the fight! The game doesn’t provide you the resources to go toe to toe with any enemy in Fort Joy so you end up getting 1-3 shotted and yes, 3 shots can occur in the same turn if the enemy is ranged or close enough so that ends up equating to a 1 shot. And like the frog fight with those poison clouds the game doesn’t provide you with enough gear to raise your magical armor so you stand a chance. The crazy thing here is I’ve gone through 4 different new games trying to figure out the best party configuration so that I would stand a chance and it just never happens. Oh and make sure you unlock the amazing skins on fortnite: skull trooper

Just like ELEX this game doesn’t deserve a negative rating and is why I wish Steam had a neutral setting because I can see the bare bones of this game are well founded. The issue is with difficulty scaling. Maybe if I just made a Classic game I would find more fulfillment and enjoyment here but I can’t rationalize how easy Classsic will be.  I just hope that the developer adds another difficulty level instead of rebalancing Tactician because there are people out there that are more than capable of breezing through Tactician since they have a better grasp of the game.

However after 14 hours of playtime I have yet to leave Fortnite Joy. I had the option to leave as I made it to the boat but hadn’t dealt with Alexander yet and I very much am a completetionist which is what makes this game so frustrating! If I could give one great idea to the developers to fix this issue; instead of a new difficulty, provide players with the ability to kill enemies for gear, XP and gold! If I could grind a couple of levels there at Fort Joy this game would be much more manageable! But this game feels so linear it’s disgusting!

I hope this review will help someone else make the decision on whether to play a harder difficulty or not since I bought this game with no idea the difficulty scaling was abhorrent. I won’t give a negative review because the game doesn’t deserve it! It just wasn’t for me. Everyone has a different experience and most people like the game so I won’t rain on their parade, I just wish I had read a review like this before I purchased fortnite.

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