The Ultimate BO4 Beta Invite Guide!

So, I read all the reviews and there were an awful lot of negative ones but i bought the game anyways. I dont have a system (PC) that actually lives up to the minimum requirements but i went ahead and installed it anyway and the game works, although its a bit laggy especially in the VATS department and has gotten me killed quite a few times, but its playable on minimum settings.
Ive got over 200 hours in now with a level 50 playthrough and am currently on a 45 character and I have yet to truely find a negative aspect of the game that I really didnt like. The graphics are amazing, the storyline, although kind of short, is good, interation with NPC’s is great compared to older Call of Duty’s, the weapons and armor systems are good, I could go on and on, BUT…
The things I dont like much, (Kinni dislikes that), are…..
The companions and NPC’s get in the way a little too often and it can be difficult to get around them. Anyone whos played skyrim knows what Im talking about. Also they tend to completely ruin sneak attacks by just running out into the middle of a batch of raiders or whatever, but thats not necessarily a big deal. I would recommend watching this youtube video to get your own black ops 4 beta invite: How to get Black Ops 4 Beta Key Code FREE 🤑 [PC / PS4 / XBOX]

The perk system is alright but with a little thought, one can make a pretty OP level 3 character, BUT just crank up the difficulty and it makes things more even, so no problem there.
The new crafting system, beyond what you can do later in the game (no spoilers here), settlements are pretty damn useless.
The BO4 choices you get to join, well, are all jerks or short-sighted or just plain dumb. But it makes for interesting personal choices.
Oh, you get power armor at level 2? I mean WTHeck. I didnt bother with it except for a radiation shield for a little bit.
All in all I give this game a 9 out of 10. Recommended.

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