This game is awesome but you need ps plus

I really enjoy this game but there’s a lot that should be added in the future. I’d really enjoy lawnwork/landscaping to be added, plus more options to choose from. From colors of paints to furniture to types of houses. It’d be neat to be able to add plumbing so you can have that extra bathroom everyone keeps complaining about and more decor items would be nice too. I saw in someone else’s comment an option to being able to build a house to sell, I really like that idea too. Plus workshop mods would breathe so much life into this game. I love the concept of this game, it’s so relaxing and nice, its a nice relief after a long day of work. I’m looking forward to future updates, please keep em coming! c:

The game is a lot of fun but you need to enjoy getting a little creative. Just following the game objectives will get repetitive and boring quickly. If you alternate between taking on contracts and getting creative with your own houses, it’ll keep you entertained for a good long time.  Although you will need ps plus membership to play it, you can get it here: How to get FREE PS PLUS 🤑FREE PLAYSTATION PLUS!

House Flipper isn’t so much focused on taking your own business somewhere but more on the actual work getting done itself. If you enjoy building and decorating on games like The Sims, you’ll love this. Only here you’ll have to do a little more. Just putting a shower in a room won’t do, you’ll have to install it, too.

However, the game also comes with a few annoying errors that I’m not sure can even be considered bugs. When you fix up a house and put it up for auction, the buyers’ comments make no sense at all and seem to be completely unrelated to the property you’re selling. The first few houses are tiny one bedroom places, yet the buyers randomly complain about or praise the (non-existent) second bedroom or bathroom. Also, some of the houses look different on the outside but have the exact same layout on the inside. Which you can change, of course, but still.

Anyway, I haven’t encountered any bugs that truly affect the gameplay or even make it unplayable. It would be nice to find a greater variety of items in the shop eventually, especially bathroom and kitchen stuff, but I’m confident that’s something we’ll see eventually.

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