Assassins Creed Odyssey – My Thoughts!

I will keep this short, because I’d rather be playing this game.

If you’ve ever played Assassins Creed and enjoyed it: this game is for you. If you’re into the Open World/Fighting type of games: this is also for you.

While there are a considerable amount of bugs (show me a game that doesn’t have a few anymore at launch??) the Dev’s are posting a patch nearly every day. Huge commitment that I hope continues.

This game is literally one of the most profound accomplishments in the genre to date. Incredible levels of detail, excellent writing and super fun gameplay make me coming back for fun. I’m loving the game so far. With all of the various levels of difficulty you can choose from I don’t really register the complaints on it’s difficulty. Oh and you can get it for free:  Assassins Creed Odyssey free code

There is so many great things to talk about here, but I’m done writing. It’s patched. It’s worth it.

If you love Assasssins Creed Series: it’s a necessity. Oh and the questlog is garbage and you never know exactly what you need to do to progress the story. Just run around aimlessly until you do what the game wants you to do.

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