Blizzard Drops the New Diablo Mobile Game

Blizzard the monster of all gaming companies today released their new Mobile game. They will be taking the down the big baddies of the mobile industry (Clash Royale ect…) Anyways here is our review of Diablo Immortal

My first Diablo game, and it has me wanting to explore the rest of the series. The combat is super fun, and with 14 different weapon types, there’s a pretty diverse spectrum of playstyles. If you’re going for top tier/META, it will get grindy…that’s any massive RPG (see also: Warframe, Destiny 1/2, and any MMORPG). But, you seriously don’t have to be MLG to enjoy this. Visually, it’s an absolute gem. The SOS Flare mechanic (drop-in multiplayer) is nice for scratching the instant-action itch. Here is how we got early access to Diablo Immortal:

I think many of the negative reviews on the game hit on technical issues. There were some issues at launch, but we’re almost 3 months in (at the time of this review), and those issues are largely gone. I think they may stem from a misunderstanding…if you take too long to choose an SOS Flare to respond to, you’ll get an error (unable to join mission)…because the group filled up before you committed to the mission.

Speaking strictly from the perspective of a Diablo newb, if you like anime you’ll dig the story and setting here. If you enjoyed the playstyle of the Fable series, Kingdoms of Amalur, or other such 3rd person RPG’s, you’ll enjoy this. Also, your companion is an anthropomorphized cat, who you can dress up in different armors & weapons. You shouldn’t need any further description.

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