Fortnite ps3 guide

FortniteĀ is what I want for DayZ, and I mean entirely. Awesome graphic and okay optimization (1080ti sometimes with a lot of trees and montain would only reach about 20 fps in 2k). Loading the city when apporaching is stiff, sadly is inevitable I knew. Aiming and Leaning mech needs improvement. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!!! Kar 98k and Hunter 55 cannot be mounting scope trail that makes both two rifles actually useless rt. Fixing this fast!!!!!!! Thumbs up for wasting 8.5 hours for my life!

Great game idea and can be fun once you’ve learn the basics. However, there needs to be a way to detect hackers in multplayer servers. I just randomly got killed by a player and I was all alone in a bunker on the edge of the map. Spending all this time running around trying to find good loot just to be killed by some looser hacker.


Fortnite PS3 still in early stages but still very fun to play nice big map and already fun to find things and survive.. Get your self the rite team and you will survive!! Great game and definitely recommend it to the rest. If you need help downloading and playing fortnite on your ps3 console check this video out: fortnite on ps3

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