Gardenscapes is one of the best games for mobile!

Never played a Gardenscapes game before.
I only played for 2 hours right now and I can assure you, that this is an awesome game.
Even though this game has a few, really minor flaws, the setting, story telling, dialogues, voice acting is of an incredible quality.
But the fun! It is SO FUN! I haven’t even gone into many of the mini games and I’m already hooked! Karaoke singing? Dancing? Brawling with punks in the street?


Long time I didn’t have as much fun with a game. And the fact that this game is set in the 80’s in japan, brings a lot of my childhood memories playing japanese games on the PS1… or just use some of these cheats i found on youtube: gardenscapes cheat

One of the most interesting premises i’ve ever played. I’m suprised to never had played the series despite multiple opportunities. The port is pretty good despite some minor fixes that need to be done client-side depending on your configuration, but it’s worth every cent and even more for this game.

A must have for the PS4 and a must have for PC.\

I’ve played the game a lot on PS4 so this will be more of a review of the port but I’ll start with the obvious – it’s a fantastic game and there’s so much to love about it. I’m so happy the series has finally made its debut on to PC and I look forward to playing the rest of the series more/more people having access to a wonderful unique series of games.

Big pro for PC is how smooth the saving is – the first few times I saved the game I had to redo it several times because I wasn’t sure it had saved, being so used to multiple load/save screens for PS4! Huge time saver and incredibly convenient. God bless you, PC. One substory that used to require typing has had the typing edited out too, so that’s a bonus.

Few minor bugs and issues – not sure if they’re on my end or on the game’s end. I know the audio mixing isn’t 100% and there’s a few minor errors, also whenever I launch any of the arcade games (i.e. Out Run or Space Harrier) it resets the audio levels to default for…some reason. That one could be specific to me though. Aside from that, nothing glaring. Inputs feel a little differently paced to PS4 but that’s probably just lag compared to no lag and having to adjust!

Thankfully the audio bugs are barely noticable to new players and nothing immersion shattering so all in all it’s a pretty good port and an even better price. Please buy this game. Please show Sega that Gardenscapes is loved in the West!

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