iOS 12.1 Released Today

IPhone OS 12.1 landed brought some important new features and major changes, the iPhone OS (12) is the first major upgrade to Apple. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem … If Apple’s iPhone, the iPad and iPhone users had to upgrade to 12.1 O, it is easy to hack a phone with a simple phone call. And worried thread, and anyone can do. Security default screen lock someone only in all last contact face ID or Touch ID can dive to get your on your iPhone. Security researcher demonstrated by José Rodríguez (video below), a person can connect iPhone to be named, and the other on the iPhone, the phone FaceTime video calls and press Options, add the iPhone destination, people. ‘This is a 3D -Touch, all data are indicated on the device in contact with all the list of contacts, such as your phone number, email address, revelation appears. It may not be models of high price of the iPhone as the ironic most affected curl enough and iPhone XR, iPhone 6, iPhone SE or later have a 3D touch that works for iOS and the other version of the defect is unique iPhone or 12.1. But the biggest concern is the easiest way is to cut.

We took a couple of hours of exposure, and not only for the moment. Rodriguez is a simple found on the iPhone lock screen ignore OS 12.0.1 (link) all iPhone OS iPhone OS release 12 12 (1.2) in two different today iPhone hacked by the previous OS 12.1, much less. Here is also how you jailbreak the new OS: iOS 12.1 Jailbreak

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