Jurassic World The Game for iOs and Android Review

Interesting. I’m kinda surprised by how good Jurassic World is currently at.

The game was started out as but in an infantile product being advertised as a mature 60$ game and got many backlashes as it deserved to be. I was lucky I didn’t board the hype train and could care less about a thing or two about this game at its previous state. But the devs didn’t just abandon the game, while as much as people would criticise on the “launch now, fix later” approach the developers are perseverance enough to keep releasing not one but several megapatches to address their mistakes and I have to give them credits for that.

Although they didn’t really apologise for their mistakes, I prefer actions over words. Though, the studio might owe an apology towards the previously frustrated ones, but I don’t really care much about that since I didn’t succumb into the false advertisements. Today, Jurassic World fulfills most if not all features as advertised, redempted their original stance and is an extremely fun game for me to begin with. I’d hope to see more content patches in the future as well. Well the best way to get free stuff in the game is use either hacks or cheats that you can use here: jurassic world the game hack

In short, if you haven’t played Jurassic World the game before but you’re planning to buy the game now, consider buying it now and forget about most reviews during launch.

I’m a preson that enjoys space, planets, and this stuff. When this game first came out I freaking loved it! I even pre-ordered it. (i never pre-order games) But turns out the game was actually bad.

I never thought I would buy this game based on all the bad things I had heard about it at release but here I am. It’s not perfect and there are still a fair ammount of bugs but I have had a ton of fun so far.

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