Season 9 Fortnite Verdict?

I’m not sure what this says about the game but I’ve started too many times. 487 hours and I’m yet to spend more than a couple of hours in the second stage. I got bored of it. I can’t honestly give it a thumbs down I can just warn that if, like me, you tend to start over until you can do it “right” from the start then you may run up against the same issue because the learning curve is long, particularly with some of the built in features, mainly the two armor types (which is even worse than it first appears to be because it impacts on the status effects, which are crucial) and the really poor inventory management, which became the elephant in the room, the task I just couldn’t face anymore just to get to the next bit of story I’d seen many times already. It’s so tempting to give this a thumbs down for the bad design leading me to not see the rest of the story but it was fun while it lasted. Here is where you can actually get the battle pass for free:

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