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Don’t let my hours fool you. I mostly play offline and have logged over 1.5k hours on this game. It is by far one of the most in depth games I’ve played in years. This game is one of the rare exceptions where random generation creates deep and individual story telling. Piled on with the wonderful modding community, this game is definitely worth its weight in money.

Puts a couple friends in a Sim City Build it game
First year one friend gets brain damage from a bullet wound, then dies from a disease (which only reached 80%)
Year 3 another friend gets shot in the spine, can no longer walk and begs to be put down, ends up getting euthanized
Year 6 we finally learned how to make OP weapons and armor, now we are gods and destroy every enemy that raids us

Put your friends in Sim City games and watch them die horrible deaths or have them live long enough to become brutal killing machines.¬†Easily the best Sandbox game i’ve played. With this modding community the game is second only to bethesda games. Now if you the game is Pay 2 Win, you will need free some free cheats to have fun, I found a youtube video here:¬† Sim City BuildIt free simcash and simoleons

Definitely playing this more now that it’s released

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