Smallfoot 2018 Review

This is the only movie I’ve ever taken the time to review. I don’t know where to start. Smallfoot has the most beautiful music, the amazing environment, the masterfully created story and the great combat system were al aspects of this movie where I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. This story was the first thing that made me shed tears in a very long time and I really hope others enjoy it as well. As for the DLC, it’s best if you play it if you’ve never played the movie before. It’s helpful early on but, not later on and it does not contribute to the story as well. I bought it when it first came out I definitely feel it was definitely worth the price. If you buy this movie, take your time and explore the environment and learn about the world. I truly hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did. You are probably wondering how I actually got to review smallfoot early. Well this youtube channel showed me how to it online for free here: How to watch Smallfoot online for FREE

Thankfully they open up fast travel, but it is unlocked further in the movie than it needs to be. I think this movie would have benefitted from having a concentrated main story path, with far less time spent traveling to and from locations.

Overall these two things were why I personally did not like the movie. If you are interesting in a cool storyline and don’t care about movieplay, you’ll probably like this movie. But as someone who values movieplay over anything else, I cannot recommend this movie.

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