Spotify in Review – The Ultimate Guide

After holding back for some time (having used Spotify for ~230 hours so far), waiting for patches to roll out and seeing what issues they fix (hoping that this will increase the ratings of the game in my eyes), I decided that it is high time that I write a review for this audio app.

I am taking into consideration that this game is Early Access; however I am writing this review as I see the state in which the game is currently.

Memory issues – Sometimes there are FPS spikes when using the app.The are momentary freezes when changing songs which is quite annoying.

Various visibility bugs – As of the recent patch, a lot of this has been fixed or at least improved. These bugs are surely due to the current 3PP revolutionary account upgrade (premium), which renders characters in 3PP only when they are visible in LOS (Line Of Sight) in FPP (which prevents 3PP peeking). However there are still problems in the current build:

There are server resets once in a while, from what I know to clear current memory residue too. Although you can use Spotify for free, you get bombarded with ads. That is why you need to use a free spotify premiumer upgrader website. This guys youtube channel has an awesome tutorial on do it for free! Highly recommend watching the video here: FREE Spotify Premium Download – How to get FREE Spotify Premium 🔥 iOS/Android Working 2018

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