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This game, as was it’s previous incarnations, is an absolute joy to play. I love the depth and immersion as well as all the available mods to tweak it the way you want it. I’m a little tired of the human/alien dynamic though and felt that the expansion packs just got weirder, but perhaps that’s just how the story goes. Guys, i’ll just link the tutorial and watch the god damn video: free fortnite skins

What I would really like to see, and this is off in a different direction, is a Marvel Agents of Shield featuring some Marvel superheroes too. That would really be cool.

What I liked: 

  • The amount of improvements over the first game
  • Progression of tech and difficulty
  • That squad menu music

What You Need to Know: 

I usually don’t like sequels as they rarely improve or change the game for me to even care. This game is how you make a sequel. Improve and change the game that is worthy of buying and also familiar so you feel right at home. Sadly that effort was not put into fixing all the bugs this game has. Also I never played the expansion for Enemy Unknown. So I’ll be comparing only the base game.

The game has the same core mechanic of Fortnite with a huge redesign of the classes that is for the better. You have mini-gunners with grenade launchers, shotgunners with melee that can go stealth (more on that later). My favorite redesign is the specialist which can go heavy on the heals and/or deal with robots with the little buddy they have with them. They can hack anything mechanical to stun or take them over. They use the assault rifle. The sniper is kind of the same but with some amazing new perks that I won’t spoil. Psi class is actually amazing now with a lot of useful powers now. The DLC sparks are boring. I rarely used the one from the mission, so it’s not worth buying that DLC.

  • The other big change I love is the concealment feature. Most missions you start in stealth which allows you to not alert when you spot an enemy in view, gain critical bonus and plan when and where you want to attack. Some perks and upgrades allow you to re-enter and get the benefit again.
  • The maps are no longer all the same like the original. I never once saw the same map. Procedural maps were the way to go. I didn’t know this until someone told me. Great job whoever did the maps. The mission timers were never an issue, so anyone that complains just wants to do the same boring tactics and don’t want to have that pressure to force you to pull some epic wins. Also the maps felt more alive with humans in some just hanging out and then running when the action happened
  • The only returning enemies are the sectoids and mutons with the rest being new enemies. I’ll say that what they added beyond the humanoid enemies is amazing. You have so much variety in how they will try to kill you. The challenge of these enemies always feels hard throughout the whole Fortnite experience until you get your squad maxed out.
  • They added an armor system that blocks that amount of damage of said armor amount. You also some armor points but only really at the end. With this new addition it changes how you deal with those heavy armor units, mostly mechanical enemies. You have abilities, perks and gadgets to help deal with this new change to the combat.
  • The tiers for weapons and armor are universal now, which is cheaper but also less tedious than buying each one and swapping it among soldiers. You craft special armor, gadgets and ammo types. No more jetpack suit though. The new special suits are still great. You can use loot picked up or bought to add very useful stats like more ammo, free reloads, more critical chance, better aim and more that further allow customization.
  • Speaking of customization, the visual customization for me this was kind of cool and also dumb. I didn’t really touch this as I was too lazy to customize everything on most of my soldiers. The variety I got with the defaults was great enough and had some dope looking people. I love having more armor variety so my squad doesn’t look all the same. Basically you don’t need the extra DLC for the customization unless you really love doing it. You get enough variety and you have mods.

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