Zombies on Black Ops 4 Android and iOS

Gameplay – 9.5/10 The destructive enviornments and unique operators (and their interactions) make this one of the most enjoyable online experiences. Every single gunfight, objective, map and match will play differently, making it an addictive loop of try, try and try again. Sometimes the game can have hit-reg inconsistencies and the occasional bug, but these by no means ‘plague’ the game.

Sound – 9/10 Core to the gameplay and very solid the vast majority of times. Sometimes sound can diffuse weirdly, especially during vertical play, however this experienced players will be able to adjust to this overtime.

Graphics – 8/10 Not essential to the BO4. Can be blasted to the max for great details and effects, but would recommend the bare minimum for best performance.

Map Design – 8/10 In general the map design is very solid and makes use of the gameplay mechanics well. However it can be argued that the ranked pool is limited in depth and some objectives are near 100% pick rates. The casual pool is fairly unbalanced for the most part, but may receive reworks in the future.

DLC Model – Operators added into Black Ops 4 for free (after 1 week of exclusivity to season pass holders). Maps are added free for all at the beginning of a new season (inclu. map reworks). Oh and you get zombies on your mobile here:

Community 7/10 – For the most part the community is great. I have met many great people and continue to play with them regularly. Solo queuing can be challenging, like most online games.

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